William & Max

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Volunteer position: Patrollers, Drivers, Outreach Assistants and more

How did you first get involved with Safe Wings Ottawa? About a year ago I brought a bird to the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre, where I saw a brochure for Safe Wings and thought that it would be a great volunteer opportunity. My son Max and I have been involved with Safe Wings ever since.

What are some activities you’ve done as a Safe Wings volunteer? We have a fun routine: we set Anouk’s emails/texts to a bird ringtone on my phone. Then whenever we hear the chirp, we know it’s a bird rescue. “To the birdmobile! we say. Before we take off, Max pulls a wooden blue jay from the glovebox and puts it on the dash like a police light. We get a lot of laughs!

What has been one of your most memorable experiences so far? My most memorable experience so far was rescuing a Peregrine Falcon with Max. Getting the chance to hold one was great.

Why do you volunteer with Safe Wings? Both my son and I love animals, especially birds. Volunteering with Safe Wings is a way for me to teach my son about the importance of helping and volunteering, and also the pertinence of preserving the planet – what better way than by rescuing birds?

What do you find most rewarding? Volunteering with Safe Wings has brought us closer together. Max has a calmness about him that the birds seem to feel; it’s as if they trust him. They never bite Max, but with myself, it’s sometimes a different story!

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  1. CatherineA

    What a terrific thing to do with your son! You and Max are great!