Species No. 103: Chimney Swift

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Most local breeding species we expect to eventually find as window collision victims, and most are already on our list.

Others seem so much less likely — because they’re agile fliers, because they’re rare, because it just seems unimaginable that you would end up holding one, lifeless, in your hands.

Today, Linda found a Chimney Swift dead outside her workplace, which happens to be the most deadly building we’re aware of downtown.

So here it is, wings impossibly long, legs impossibly short, bill impossibly tiny (until it opens wide to eat, but this one won’t ever again), colours impossibly complex. Life impossibly short.

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  1. Heather

    Just a few weeks ago there was a chimney swift brought in to the WBCC. Happily it was released after a couple days. But now that gain feels negated by this loss. : (