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Safe Wings Ottawa

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If you find a bird that is injured or stunned from an apparent collision, please make sure it is safe by putting it in a paper bag or box, and CALL US at 613-216-8999. If we do not answer, call back in a minute or two. We try to answer calls immediately, but may already be busy with another call. Leaving a message may delay our ability to call you back.

Please note that our phone number does not accept text messages. If that is the only way you can contact us, please send a text message to 613-322-5269.

Please see our web page on rescuing collided birds and recognizing when a bird needs help. If you find a bird that has died from an apparent collision, please follow these instructions.

You can report all collisions (dead or alive) here.

For bird-friendly design advice and media inquiries, email Anouk Hoedeman. For general inquiries, email

If you have an injured or orphaned bird requiring immediate care, please contact:

Wild Bird Care Centre
734 Moodie Dr. (south of West Hunt Club Rd.)

The Wild Bird Care admits injured birds between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., seven days a week, but cannot pick up injured birds. Safe Wings can provide advice and assistance, including after hours, but we are not a full-fledged rehab centre. If you can, please bring any injured birds directly to the WBCC.

The Wild Bird Care Centre’s website has a detailed FAQ section on how to deal with birds in distress.

Please remember that fear, stress, noise and excessive handling by humans can kill wild birds. Do not pet, stroke or talk to an injured bird, and do not subject it to loud noises. If transporting a bird, please place the box or bag securely on the back seat, never on the floor or in the trunk.


2014-09-30 Golden-crowned Kinglet

If you are far east of Ottawa, you may prefer to contact:

Le Nichoir
637 Main St., Hudson

Please note that while Le Nichoir is closed to the public during the winter months, they still offer care to injured wild birds. Leave them a message.

Other wildlife

For injured or orphaned wild mammals (including bats) or turtles, or if you have a wildlife problem, please visit the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary’s Orphaned or Injured Wildlife and Wildlife Conflicts pages to see if there is a solution to your situation or interim instructions. If you still need help, contact:

Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
North Gower